Defend Your Downed Sci-Fi Ship With Blotz’s New Terrain

May 18, 2018 by brennon

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Blotz is a terrain maker which I hadn't heard about until today. But, they drew my attention with this new terrain for your Sci-Fi games. Maybe you'd find a place for this on a Star Wars: Legion table?

Crashed Ship Barricades - Blotz

The terrain collection comes in MDF and works with the scale of games like the aforementioned Star Wars: Legion. However, the crashed ship could also work in plenty of other games like Infinity and Beyond The Gates Of Antares. The terrain already helps build a narrative, asking one of you to defend the wreckage whilst the other is pilfering it for resources and information.

Crashed Ship Engine - Blotz

As well as the Barricades section we saw above we also had this larger Engine section as well. A nice set of blocking terrain for sure, and potentially a focal point for an attack. You also have the large Hatch section of the ship which could be used to create a larger entry into the interior of the ship.

Crashed Ship Hatch - Blotz

Some very cool terrain indeed and it's worth checking out more of the range too as they have terrain for a lot of different settings on offer.

What do you make of this wrecked ship?

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