Explore Dwarven Forge’s Plaguestone For Pathfinder RPGs

November 19, 2020 by brennon

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Dwarven Forge has a new set of both Unpainted and Painted terrain for you to pick up for playing games of Pathfinder. The Plaguestone set is the first set of officially licenced terrain for use in Pathfinder 2nd Edition and the module, The Fall Of Plaguestone.

Plaguestone Terrain - Dwarven Forge

Plaguestone Terrain // Dwarven Forge

This range of terrain includes a lot of existing pieces from Dwarven Forge but with additional options including dangerous plants, thorny walls and more. You've also got the addition of pieces like Cages, Alchemy Labs, a Necromancers Workshop and more which can be added in alongside the dungeons, caverns and mountains that Dwarven Forge already make.

Cavernous Alchemy Lab - Dwarven Forge

Cavernous Alchemy Lab // Dwarven Forge

This then breaks down into a number of different encounter sets which can be set up as you see here or potentially split up and made modular to use alongside other kits.

Glen of Mutant Plants - Dwarven Forge

Glen Of Mutant Plants // Dwarven Forge

As well as providing you with a lot of unique options, this set of terrain can either be picked up entirely pre-painted or unpainted if you want to give it a go yourself. Now, this is Dwarven Forge, so the terrain is pretty darn expensive but it really is a gorgeous set for those who want to take roleplaying to the next level.

Mountain Pen - Dwarven Forge

Mountain Pen // Dwarven Forge

The work by Dwarven Forge is certainly a luxury product but it really does look very nice indeed. I've seen a lot of it used in shows like Critical Role and it's fascinating seeing what you can do with it. Are you going to be taking a peek at this for something like Pathfinder or perhaps a different game?

Are you tempted to take a peek at this range?

"Are you going to be taking a peek at this for something like Pathfinder or perhaps a different game?"

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