Build A Dwarven Tabletop With New Kromlech Fantasy Terrain!

June 11, 2021 by brennon

Kromlech has expanded upon its Hospodars collection with a new set of Fantasy terrain for you to tinker with. You can now build a full table packed with Dwarven Terrain. They have covered pretty much all of the bases with this HDF range.

Stone Dwelling - Kromlech

Stone Dwelling // Kromlech

Wooden Dwelling - Kromlech

Wooden Dwelling // Kromlech

The first two terrain pieces we're looking at are the Dwellings which you can snap up. You've got options for a Stone Dwelling and a Wooden Dwelling which might suit different types of Dwarf within your town. I like the idea of using the Wooden Dwelling as a house out in the woodlands on the side of the mountain, perhaps for a band of Rangers?

No Dwarf town is complete without a Brewery and Kromlech has built quite the nice looking one!

Dwarven Brewery - Kromlech

Dwarven Brewery // Kromlech

It looks suitably hefty and I love that it's got that massive brewing vat stuck to the side. You imagine that inside this place it's all smokey and dim with the comforting smell of brewing beer drifting through the shadows.

Any good Brewery also needs an Inn to service and that's where this piece of terrain comes in!

Dwarven Inn - Kromlech

Dwarven Inn // Kromlech

Sit back and relax after a long day down in the mines with this particular piece of terrain I say. I imagine you can pop that roof off as well to play around inside if you desired. I like the little seating area to the side of the Inn as well for those who want a breath of fresh air!

The Hospodars are not content with just sitting around and drinking ale though. Any good Dwarven village also needs a Smithery/Blacksmiths so they can make weapons and armour.

Village Smithery - Kromlech

Village Smithery // Kromlech

You could also drop this into a human settlement perhaps to show a travelling Dwarf craftsman who has made his way down from the mountains to make himself a bit of extra gold.

The Boyar's House can also sit at the centre of your village and remind others of who is in charge! It does look mighty extravagant!

Boyars House - Kromlech

Boyar's House // Kromlech

Whilst you might want to venerate the Boyars and the work that they do, you also need to pay heed to the ancestor gods. Well, there is a big Ancestors Memorial that you can pick up and use!

Ancestors Memorial - Kromlech

Ancestors Memorial // Kromlech

I like the idea of adding this to a ruined Hospodars town. I could see this being the last thing standing despite the raids by Orcs, Goblins and all manner of beasts. You could be sent on a reclamation quest to secure it for your fellow Hospodars.

As well as the bigger pieces we also have some other scatter pieces which can be used to mark the boundaries of the town and add a bit more narrative to proceedings.

Village Gates - Kromlech

Village Gates // Kromlech

Village Stone Fences - Kromlech

Village Stone Fences // Kromlech

You can get the Village Gates and Stone Fences that you see here as well as some Dwarven Watchtowers (not pictured) which can be placed to watch over travellers.

This seems like another great set of HDF terrain for those who want to really go to town on the Dwarven theme for their collection. As I say, this doesn't have to be used to make a Hospodars village or town. You could easily use these pieces for all manner of interesting scenarios.

What do you make of the new terrain collection?

"As I say, this doesn't have to be used to make a Hospodars village or town..."

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