Fabled Realms Fort & Bushido Isles Terrain Coming Soon From 4Ground

May 8, 2017 by brennon

4Ground are looking ahead to some awesome releases in the coming weeks for a range of different collection. The first of these is their expansion into Fabled Realms terrain with the Fyrburgh Fort.

28S-FAR-S7 picture 7

We'd seen this Fort before in some previews but now we have a release date of it hitting in June. So, maybe it will be around for when you attend the UK Games Expo.

28S-FAR-S7 picture 9

Here's some background on this particular Fort...

"The Fort of Fyrburg in the province of Doria sits below the ruins of Karpoth-Haim, its wooden walls, towers and battlements the closest buildings to the ruined Dwarven city.

Built after the second Druggoi Incursion by the men of Fellendorf the intention is that Fyrburg will be able to provide a bastion against any new Incursion from Karpoth-Haim."

This looks like the perfect centrepiece for your gaming table. You'd of course basically be using THIS as the centre of your activities and it would become a gaming space of its own.

Protected By Faith

Maybe one of the buildings that could find its way inside these walls is the Shrine To Mother.

28S-FAR-118 Picture 3

This particular building is going to be available at the end of the month. So, you don't have long to wait to get your hands on this awesome Shrine.

28S-FAR-118 Picture 5

A little dose of fluff to get your background muscle twitching for the tabletop...

"Throughout the Tueden League the shrines to mother can be found. Places to worship and have you soul cleansed. They are guarded by the path wardens."

Seems like the perfect place to raid as the Druggoi. You could even do a few despoiled versions of this terrain if you really wanted to stick it to the Eightfold Path.

Bushido Villages

If you're a fan of Bushido then the folks at 4Ground are also catering to you with their range of buildings for the Jwar Isles.

32S-BJI-101 picture 9

They have a range of the smaller buildings which will also be coming at the end of the month plus this larger structure too, built purposefully for your games of Bushido to fit right in with the theme.

32S-BJI-102 Picture 3

They look fantastic with highly detailed interiors, as you might imagine from 4Ground, and perfect for the skirmish game player.

Will you be snapping up any of this terrain?

"You could even do a few despoiled versions of this terrain if you really wanted to stick it to the Eightfold Path..."

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