Delve Into A Forsaken Prison With New TTCombat Terrain

August 23, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat are adding more to the Savage Domain range which gives you loads of neat modular terrain for use in your Fantasy games. We start this time around with the Forsaken Prison set.

Forsaken Prison - TTCombat

This gives you a whole bunch of additional wall and floor pieces which help to create the look of a prison where the inmates have broken out long ago. You could imagine that back in the day this held all sorts of vile criminals and purveyors of dark artistry. Maybe the souls of those who could not escape still find themselves haunting the ruins?

Light The Beacon!

We also have the Ancient Beacon set which offers up more height in your skirmish games. This would be rather awesome for recreating the scene from Return Of The King where Pippin heads up to light the beacon and sneak past those Gondorian guards!

Ancient Beacon - TTCombat

I love the staircase which winds up around the side and the small fire pit which could also hold a glowing crystal. As with all of the terrain from TTCombat within this Savage Domain range it is entirely modular meaning that you can mix and match it with all of the other kits.

You could create some absolutely awesome tabletops using this terrain!

"You could create some absolutely awesome tabletops using this terrain!"

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