GameMat.Eu Show Off New Hive City Terrain Set

February 20, 2020 by brennon

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The team at GameMat.Eu has added a new kit into the mix for those looking to set up futuristic tabletops quickly. Here we have the Hive City Set which comes unpainted but should allow you to create some interesting tabletops.

Hive City #1 - GameMat Eu

The kit comes with an array of neat looking terrain options which would be good for those diving in and playing bigger games but also those who want to use it as a modular kit for skirmish games.
A lot of what GameMat.Eu produces would be good for tournament gamers as they are simple to build and paint up.

Whilst that might be their main focus, especially for a set like this, I think it would be much better when used on a more cluttered tabletop creating narrow streets, height and more dynamic locations for a clash between Kill Teams and the like.

Hive City #2 - GameMat Eu

Of course, it still works as good line of sight blocking terrain too and it should fit into pretty much any Sci-Fi setting as there isn’t anything overtly grimdark about it.

Are you tempted to snap this set up?

" should fit into pretty much any Sci-Fi setting"

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