GameMat.Eu Head To A Lost World With New Mat Design

July 17, 2019 by brennon

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GameMat.Eu is working away on some cool stuff as they showed off their work on a new mat design, the Lost World.

Lost World Mat #1 - GameMatEu

The design works in different ways depending on the genre of game you're playing. If you are getting stuck into some Sci-Fi battles then this is from a planet lost to time, the echoes of a dead civilisation etched into its surface. No doubt mysterious technology lies beneath the surface.

You could also use this as the basis for your Fantasy adventures as well. Perhaps this was once the realm of the Elves or a civilisation even older than them?

Lost World Mat #2 - GameMatEu

The runes etched into the stones are a nice little detail and I reckon that this would be pretty perfect for use in Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. Once you've added some jungle trees and creeper-covered ruins you'll have a pretty splendid tabletop to go adventuring on.

This mat will be available next month on the 10th of August.

What do you make of the new design?

"This mat will be available next month on the 10th of August..."

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