GameStart’s 3D Dungeon & Town Kickstarter Launches Today

December 3, 2019 by brennon

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GameStart Edizioni are going to be on Kickstarter today launching their new campaign to create a range of 3D and modular tiles/terrain components so that you can turn your Dungeon & Town set-ups for role-playing games into diverse and interesting locations.

3D Dungeon Render #1 - GameStart Edizioni

The idea of this campaign is that they will be taking what they learned from the process of creating the Fantasy and Sci-Fi collections and then turning it into 3D terrain as you can see here. Now, as a proper add-on to the tiles, you'll also their sketch-like designs on walls, doors, terrain elements like tables and chairs and much more. Their aim is to create an array of elements for those who are doing some dungeon delving and also those heading into town for a bit of skullduggery.

3D Dungeon Render #2 - GameStart Edizioni

All of this is held together by a serious of four-way plastic mounts which you can see around the base of the walls on some of these buildings and dungeon pieces. The options you want just slide into place and should be rock steady. Options have also been created for doors which neatly slot into place when needed.

The terrain elements they are creating are all rewritable meaning that you can doodle on them and tinker with the designs as much as you like during gameplay. You'll also get a chance to get your hands on these four adventurers down below who were designed by Claudio Casini.

3D Dungeon #1 - GameStart Edizioni

A few people are most likely going to be viewing this and considering why you'd want the black and white sketch look to the terrain elements. Whilst I can see the puzzlement there, especially with ranges by Battle Systems and such on the market, I think it works really well with the ideas presented in the first Fantasy Kickstarter. Not only does it match that aesthetic but it also brings to life the idea of dungeon delving of old where your Dungeon Master might have sketched everything out on paper beforehand.

3D Dungeon #2 - GameStart Edizioni

The key thing with presenting the terrain like this is making sure that the designs are clear and easy to identify. From what I've seen so far I think they'd done a pretty good job. It certainly looks the part of a modular and re-usable set which could be quick and easy to build with when developing encounters.

There is much more to explore as part of the Kickstarter so make sure to give it a look HERE...

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" also brings to life the idea of dungeon delving of old where your Dungeon Master might have sketched everything out on paper"

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