Explore Immortal Tombs With Warcradle Scenics’ New Set!

February 24, 2023 by brennon

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Warcradle and the Warcradle Scenics crew have been showing off some amazing new Sci-Fi terrain for you to explore with your grimdark armies. This time around, your forces are delving deep into Immortal Tombs!

Immortal Tombs Set - Warcradle Scenics

Immortal Tombs Set // Warcradle Scenics

Strange signals have been coming from dead worlds on the fringes of your system. The shifting sands of a distant planet have revealed these towering pyramids, obelisks and more that once belonged to an ancient civilisation. Your army has been tasked with investigating these and either retrieving data from the planet or cleansing it of the harmful alien life that might still dwell within.

Pyramid - Warcradle Scenics

Pyramid // Warcradle Scenics

As is the case with the rest of the Warcradle Scenics range, all of this comes pre-coloured so you just need to crack it out and get it stuck together. Once done, you could have a lot of fun with this and make each building into different objectives that you need to secure with your forces.

Obelisk - Warcradle Scenics

Obelisk // Warcradle Scenics

I really like the look of a lot of these kits and the subtle blue/green glow coming from the pieces works to give them a sinister feel. With the Obelisk, you could have those triangular structures something that you have to run around and destroy before the main structure powers up.

Gateway - Warcradle Scenics

Gateway // Warcradle Scenics

These spotlights that I've swung around on particular elements of the set are by no means the entirety of what you're going to get in the set. If you're seeking to make a pretty good Necron world for Warhammer 40,000 then this is worth having a look at.

The set comes with an Obelisk, Pyramid, Temple, Gateway, Walls and a Pool. Whilst this is a complete set currently, each of these pieces should end up being available separately down the line too. Could you be tempted?

Drop your thoughts below!

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"Strange signals have been coming from dead worlds on the fringes of your system..."

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