Red Beam Designs Working On 8mm Scale Dark Assembly City

September 17, 2018 by brennon

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Red Beam Designs, alongside Warcradle Studios, are going to be working on a series of 8mm terrain kits which would be good for, yes you guessed it, Adeptus Titanicus. Check out some of their early ideas.

Dark Assembly 8mm - Warcradle

The range is due to be released later this year at the end of October and you can currently pre-order some of it from their webstore HERE.

The largest set concentrates around the 8mm City.

Dark Assembly 8mm Building #1 - Warcradle

As you can see the buildings have gone through the wars a bit here, smashed up and ruined by the stomping feet of massive Titans. Red Beam Designs do some great pieces in larger scales for the likes of Wild West Exodus and beyond so hopefully, their skills translate over well into these smaller pieces too.

The second of their kits is this massive 8mm Factory. You could imagine some of the smaller walkers like the Imperial Knights fighting through this.

Dark Assembly 8mm Building #2 - Warcradle

Overall the terrain is looking great, even at this early concept stage, and if they are able to deliver on this it looks like you're going to have some significantly cheaper ways to get 8mm terrain down onto the tabletop.

Forge World has plans in the works I'm sure and while having the official 'kit' is always nice I think having more MDF options like this is well worth it.

Will you be looking at snapping up these?

"The largest set concentrates around the 8mm City..."

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