Ace New Sci-Fi ColorED Range Coming Soon From PlastCraft Games

June 21, 2018 by dignity

PlastCraft Games has been working on a new range of awesome Sci-Fi Terrain for their ColorED range. These pieces come ready-coloured so that you can simply assemble them and get them down on the gaming table!

Sci-Fi Range #1 - PlastCraft Games

The new collection has been assembled for those who are playing the likes of Star Wars: Legion (seen here) as well as Warpath from Mantic Games. It has a purpose-built and militaristic look to it, which clashes very nicely with some of the older buildings in the collection.

Sci-Fi Range #2 - PlastCraft Games

As you'll see from the kits, as well as coming with the traditional bits and bobs they also have certain parts crafted in MDF and even acrylic to give you more 3D-looking pieces. They have even really expanded on their designs, giving you plenty of cuts, overlaps and overhangs in places to take away the flat look they had on some of their earlier pieces. These look awesome!

Sci-Fi Range #3 - PlastCraft Games

I think we need to get some of this into the studio and have John or Lloyd build us either an urban table or something akin to this here which is set out in the desert where the Imperials have claimed this little trading outpost as their own.

When it comes to the pieces that will be available, here is a break down of the individual elements...

Ports Comms Station

Port Comms Station - PlastCraft Games

Continuum Security Gate

Continuum Security Gate - PlastCraft Games

Continuum Port Walls

Continuum Port Walls - PlastCraft Games

Continuum Port Hanger Bay

Continuum Port Hanger Bay - PlastCraft Games

Consortium Trade Post

Consortium Trade Post - PlastCraft Games

Consortium House

Consortium House - PlastCraft Games

Having seen the new Solo movie, the terrain pieces very much remind me of the place that Han Solo is trying to escape from at the beginning of the movie. Don't worry, no spoilers...

It will be cool to see how they grow this range going forward and what other elements they add into the mix. One of the big thins for me are those clean lines around parts of the buildings. All you have to do there is work in some dark paint or weather them up from the bottom and you'd lose that easily.

What do you think of their new Sci-Fi buildings?

"...the Imperials have claimed this little trading outpost as their own"

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