Things From The Basement Moves To Industrialisation

August 29, 2019 by avernos

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We're big fans of how Jörg Bender chooses to spend his time down in the basement and his latest work is no exception. Check out these Things From The Basement...


Jörg has started work on a 28mm Industrial Buildings set, but after people clamouring for the factory that he previewed he has decided to release it immediately before getting back to the others!


After seeing what he has achieved I'm sure you can see why. His kits have just the right amount of detailing to give you a fantastic backdrop for your games without breaking the bank to do so. On that note, Jörg a bank in the same style would not go amiss.


If I could have one thing it would probably be an internal floor level but that's by no means a deal-breaker for this kit, and I can see people using it for games as diverse as Bolt Action: Sealion and a Very British Civil War all the way through to the Batman Miniatures Game.

Tinkering With Tins

As well as the buildings up above the team from Things From The Basement have also designed these kits which can be used alongside your traditional soft drink can allowing you to create some Vertical Tanks.

Vertical Tanks - Things From The Basement

This is a very cool idea and makes use of all of those cans you that you end up putting into the recycling. Instead of chucking them out you could instead work to make them part of your tabletop.

Could you be tempted to give these terrain kits a go yourself, using them for all manner of different games?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Could you be tempted to give these terrain kits a go yourself?"

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