TTCombat Lay Out A 10mm Scale Invasion Of New York

June 7, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat are getting ready to furnish the Battle For Earth tabletops you're no doubt building for Dropzone & Dropfleet Commander. With invasion forces coming from all sides we get a peek at some of the buildings you'll be fighting over.

Level Steel Building - TTCombat

The first of these buildings is the Level Steel Building which will be very familiar to those who have seen iconic images of New York. You could imagine armies fighting through echoes of a long-dead city, a reminder of the time when the streets would have been full of hustle and bustle.

To help complete the New York look we also have these smaller buildings, the West Side Brownstones.

West Side Brownstones - TTCombat

Each of these buildings, as you can see, have been made so that they work well in gameplay as well as looking nice. The tops of these buildings have space for infantry to take up a firing position, aiming down into the streets and the massive walkers that are causing all kinds of destruction.

Last but not least we have a building which also doubles as a dice tower. Dicington Tower works well as a terrain piece in the game but also serves as a place to roll your dice too.

Dicington Tower - TTCombat

I do like the idea of having a dedicated space for rolling your dice, the read of the building pointed out towards the side of the table. This means you won't have errant dice rumbling along, crashing into your well-painted miniatures.

What do you make of these new terrain options from TTCombat?

"This means you won't have errant dice rumbling along, crashing into your well-painted miniatures..."

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