Wander Down To Black Site Studio’s Riverthorne Hollow

July 30, 2019 by crew

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It turns out that Black Site Studio are big fans of Burrows & Badgers just like me so they've put together a set of terrain for those looking to adorn their boards with appropriate terrain! Welcome to Riverthorne Hollow.

Riverthorne Hollow Collection - Black Site Studio

This new collection of three buildings alongside the wall sections allow you to build up a little bit of a bandit camp on the tabletop. As always with their terrain, it is pre-painted and fully detailed, ready to go on the tabletop once you've worked out all the assembly bits.

The Riverthorne Collection above can be broken down into different elements too if you'd prefer to buy them separately. For example, you have Stinky Tom's Watchhouse.

Riverthorne Hollow Stinky Toms Watchhouse - Black Site Studio

This particular building looks like an old hut that has been turned into a fortification by the new residents. You could imagine there being tunnels and all sorts underneath the building that link you through to the tower and other areas of the bandit camp.

Running with the theme that Riverthorne used to be lived in before it was taken over by bandits there's also this Hovel you can find to bed down for the night.

Riverthorne Hollow Hovel - Black Site Studio

I really like the Nordic scrollwork across the wooden supports here which works with the idea that Burrows & Badgers is set up in the more northern reaches. Maybe some influence from across the seas of the clans of the Highlands has found its way into the architecture of the lowlands?

Last but not least we have the row of Bandit Camp Tents which you can use to show off a less permanent area of occupation.

Riverthorne Hollow Bandit Camp - Black Site Studio

I really like how bright and colourful these are and the additional bit of weathering here and there across the tent covers works nicely to show a bunch of outcasts hiding out in the woods. This collection looks awesome and I can't wait to see people using these on their own tabletops.

What do you make of Riverthorne?

"I can't wait to see people using these on their own tabletops..."

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