WizKids Craft Massive Tower For Dungeons & Dragons Players

November 23, 2020 by brennon

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WizKids has been producing a lot of both unpainted and painted options for Dungeons & Dragons players over the last year. A lot of their collection has focused on options for players and their characters with Dungeon Masters getting access to a suite of monsters. They have also been producing terrain too and one of the latest pieces is The Tower.

The Tower - WizKids

The Tower // WizKids

The tower is a massive painted kit which comes in three different sections for ease of play on the tabletop. It has an eight-inch diametre which should hold all of your heroes plus the monsters they're facing and reaches up to an impressive 100mm in height.

The Tower Components - WizKids

The Tower Components // WizKids

As well as the different floors of the tower you also get stairs which wind their way up from level to level, walkways to perch precariously on and a removable skylight so you can see down into the middle of the tower. So, if you're looking to battle your way up this tower to stop a powerful cultist or mage you've got quite a dramatic option!

The floor tiles are double-sided as well, meaning that you can present your party with a grid or no grid if you prefer and the doors and buttress sections of the tower can also be changed out to suit future expansions which are on the way.

There is no doubt that this is an impressive piece but it comes at a price. $250 is the asking price for The Tower and that could well be pretty steep for some people. However, with folks spending hundreds on Dwarven Forge, miniatures and more, maybe this could be the prime piece of terrain that your Dungeon Master collection has been missing.

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"...maybe this could be the prime piece of terrain that your Dungeon Master collection has been missing"

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