The Trebarnii Gather For The World Of Twilight

April 19, 2016 by brennon

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We had a lot of fun checking out the miniatures for The World of Twilight at Salute and while perusing their Facebook page we spied they also have these rather awesome Trebarnii gathering in the wilds...

Trebarnii #1

Here we have the Boss of this little ragtag band of warriors. These are more primitive creatures but no less dangerous in a scrap. I love their makeshift weapons which would be rather deadly when used by ambushing foes.

Trebarnii #2

The set that you can pick up also comes with four regular warriors armed with these bone and wood spears. I love looking at the creatures that The World of Twilight creatures since they're so entirely different from everything else out there.

Trebarnii #3

I'd really like to see these folks based in a proper swam, up to their ankles in swamp water. Potentially you could even give them a wet look paint scheme to show their marshy conditions.

Brutish Allies

Finally we have the Brute that stands a little taller than the other creatures within this Unit. He has been gifted with a tougher hide and a talisman of some kind around his neck.

Trebarnii #4

He has also decided to not even bother with one of the primitive weapons of his fellows and instead has gone full on natural with that big log.

The World Of Twilight

If these miniatures have caught your eye then I suggest looking at more from their range which features models like these...


Feral Band

The characters and other creations these folks have come up with for this Fantasy world are utterly amazing to look at, and, as we've said before they are all rather unique.

Big Brute

We might have to take a closer look at this world and see if we can learn more about it.

Some superb painting showing these models off very nicely indeed!

"He has been gifted with a tougher hide and a talisman of some kind around his neck..."

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