Relics of a better world…

January 29, 2011 by beerogre

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We at BoW are actually terrible people. Our store room has been a mess for so long that we fervently hoped that if we put more stuff in it, perhaps... just perhaps... it would reorder itself... well that, or a miracle!

Well miracles don't happen, only hard work gets things done. So, on Wednesday night, I took an evening off from filming, to knuckle down and sort through the tangle of boxes, jiffy bags and other vague piles of "stuff" gathering dust on the shelves.

It took a while, but in the process, I came across some treasures that had been buried by our previous "administrative regieme". But, not to worry... there has been a revolution and now the laser-light of order has pierced the misty veil of chaos and I have some new and exciting stuff to show you over the next few weeks that may have previously been overlooked.

First under the spotlight is the Relics range from Tor Gaming.

The game consists of a battle between forces made up of mechanical (or clockwork) machines and spooky animated rag dolls battling against monstrous creations of elemental magic.

The guys at Tor have labelled their unique style as "stitchpunk" and I think they've got it right. Their stuff isn't quite steampunk and isn't quite a historical fantasy, but something of a mixture.

You can read more about the background on their website where there's also some fiction written by Daniel Fellows... I particularly liked this one... Cut from the Same Cloth.

But "what are the shinies like?"... that's the warcry of the BoW viewers!

Here's a smattering of their stuff, all of which are available from the Tor Gaming Shop... better yet... if you want a look at their game, you can check out a free PDF copy of the rules and a video about the game on their Relics page.

Brittania Faction

Orcnar Faction

Vaettir Faction

Now maybe the game isn't your bag, or the style doesn't fit with your current game, but I don't know of any fantasy or sci-fi game that doesn't have room for a big, spiky monster or a vicious dog-alien-thing. The doll soldiers might be a bit tougher to place, but I run a steampunk Iron Kingdoms RPG, so creepy doll-golems with firearms are just the ticket for some insane mechanik to have cobbled together... so I'm all set!

We have a few of the miniatures from Tor Gaming in the store, so look out for a What's in the Box video on them in the next few weeks.

BoW Andy

Edit - Just an update... the guys from Tor Gaming are on our site and looking for comments. You can drop them a message, or start a discussion at the Tor Gaming Group.

Give them some feedback guys!

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