The Ridend Of Tor Gaming’s Relics Now Available For Pre-Order

June 2, 2015 by brennon

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If you've been waiting patiently for the release of the Ridend for Tor Gaming's Relics then your wait is nearly over. The faction is now up for pre-order so head on over and check out the Archers, Foot Knights, Kapolop Knights and the Starter Set...

Ridend Command

Valiant Knights March Onwards!

This fantastic new faction for the game is probably the best that they've ever made, in my opinion at least. The sculpting is utterly superb and the fact that they evoke nostalgic memories of Labyrinth just adds to the appeal.

Ridend Archers

"Individually the average archer might struggle to wound his target with a single volley but in a group that is focused on one target his hitting power might increase tenfold. Combining all their efforts to attack a single foe in a deadly hail of arrows is a proven tactic that is rarely unsuccessful as it becomes nigh on impossible for even the most alert opponent to dodge or block so many simultaneous strikes."

Ridend Knights

"In battle is where those who have greatness thrust upon them are born through acts of bravery deemed captivating enough to warrant such significant promotion. Sometimes humble Men at Arms employed by the nobility happen by chance to score the killing blow against a mighty opponent, often through no superfluous effort on their own part."

Ridend Kapolop Knights

"A young nobleman wishing to join the order must display exceptional levels of strength and courage to be deemed worthy of the tutelage required. An apprenticeship must be served under the command of an established Knight where the young hopefuls are taught to live by honour and prepared to die for glory. The road to being sworn in as a fully fledged Knight is long and laborious and ultimately culminates in the capture of a Kapolop egg."

We can't wait to see the final Starter Set appear for this faction and then comes the plethora of fantastic painting. The models lend themselves to some tender love and care so it will be awesome seeing what people come up with.

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"The sculpting is utterly superb and the fact that they evoke nostalgic memories of Labyrinth just adds to the appeal..."

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