Victrix Working On Clash Of Spears Sets To Get You Started

October 16, 2019 by brennon

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Clash Of Spears is on the way to tabletops from The Wargame Spot and Victrix have joined forces with them in order to create a range of plastic sets which will help you get started in the game.

Gallic Boxed Set - Victrix

Currently, they are aiming to do sets which over Gauls (pictured above) alongside options for the Romans (below) and Carthaginians which gives you three core forces which can be used in this Ancient game.

Roman Boxed Set - Victrix

Inside each set, you'll get between four and six different troop types which will become warbands of around forty-five plus miniatures. This will feature command elements alongside both mounted and unmounted troops.

Games of Clash Of Spears are focused around the idea of skirmish combat on 4x4 foot tabletops where games take between one and three hours to play out. This should allow you a good level of complexity for an evenings gaming without feeling like you're getting bogged down. Additionally, it should be a good entry-level product for those who want to play Ancient wargames but don't fancy delving into it in full rank n' flank style.

If you're interested in the game you can find out more about it HERE. I know Gerry is particularly excited for this game and it should offer up a nice alternative to other games out there.

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"I know Gerry is particularly excited for this game..."

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