New Angels Of Death Warhammer Animations Trailer Drops

April 9, 2021 by brennon

Games Workshop revealed another new Warhammer Animations trailer this week. Angels Of Death follows the Blood Angels in the search for their lost captain and now we've been introduced to the villains of the piece.

Angels Of Death Trailer - The Villains Revealed

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The villains revealed in the trailer are the insidious Genestealer Cults. Worming their way into the many layers of Imperial authority, the Cults are no doubt behind the disappearance of the Blood Angels Captain and these "Angels Of Death" will have to fight an old foe in order to uncover the mystery.

I'm in two minds about this animation. On the one hand, I like the style of it. The noir filter and the flashes of red making it very appealing. On the other hand, you've got the somewhat awkward-looking movement of the characters and "uncanny valley" going on. I know that 3D animation like this takes a lot of time and effort but something about it just feels a bit off to me.

By comparison, the hand-drawn style of the Hammer & Bolter is MUCH more appealing (at least to me). I guess we'll wait and see and I'm certainly up for watching everything that Games Workshop put out animation-wise.

How & When?

My other fear is that this is going to be yet another subscription service to sign up for. Games Workshop has been pushing their "My Warhammer" account side of things rather a lot right now and I reckon that these animations might be stuck behind that paywall. I'd much prefer these animations to find their way onto services like Prime or Netflix (for purely selfish reasons I guess). If nothing else, surely it would be a good way to introduce more people to the grimdark future?

I'm sure time will tell when it comes to these animations. I have my fingers crossed that we're not getting another Ultramarine...

Oh, Gods. Ultramarine...

"I have my fingers crossed that we're not getting another Ultramarine..."

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