Massive 40K Apocalypse Gaming Table Build [Part Six]

August 6, 2019 by lloyd

In just under a week the 40k Weekend will strike and we couldn't be more excited and also nervous to get things underway.

Massive 40K Apocalypse Gaming Table Build [Part Six]

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The massive Apocalypse table is coming together very nicely, all the Archon Terrain has been painted up, stained and burnt to a crisp using a variety of The Army Painter primer sprays and a nice dollop of Bicarbonate Soda.

With the excess amount of amazing sand bags that our dear friend @buggeroff from the site made during his stay, we've taken them off the biscuits to tease the idea of using them as proper scatter terrain around some of the structural integrity of the buildings, plus with a few extra little and large sacks from our resident John, they'll be sure to make the landscape as real as it can be over the weekend.

Justin's also finishing off the floorboards for the city landscape, adding in some cracked areas and dropping the floors to resemble a little more destruction in the areas, why would the floors look clean when the walls are damaged? πŸ˜‰

Remember YOU can also get involved this weekend by creating your own projects at using the tag for the Warhammer 40k Weekend. You can also view all the projects here

What are you up to this weekend?

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