The Blood Of Baal Awaits & Support For Warhammer 40K

November 25, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has now revealed more on what's coming this weekend for Warhammer 40,000 starting with the Psychic Awakening and its next instalment, Blood Of Baal.

Blood & Baal - 40K

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In this book, we're seeing the Blood Angels rally behind Mephiston as they take on the forces of the Tyranids. For some reason, these ravening hordes have descended and they are seeking for something, perhaps just a way to survive after being separated from the Hive Mind? This is where Adaptive Physiology comes in, a new set of rules where you can add Synapse to the likes of a Carnifex or maybe even play with the biology of the different creatures under your thrall?

As well as the rules for the Tyranids you will also be able to pick up this book for some additional options to help with running a Blood Angels army and even offshoots like the Flesh Tearers. Of course, you also have the very cool looking new model for Mephiston.

Mephiston - 40K

Things are looking rather awesome for the Blood Angels and it seems like things are getting interesting as Psychic Awakening unfolds. We're seeing lots of lovely story nuggets here and there and I really hope this leads to something massive as Psychic Awakening comes to an end.

Chapter Approved 2019

Two new books are going to be revealed this weekend for those who want some new rules, scenarios and such in a collected place.

Chapter Approved 2019 - 40K

Here we have the standard Chapter Approved book which comes with lots of different options drawn from various sources throughout the year. You've also got the Munitorum Field Manual which offers up the various points values for use in Warhammer 40,000.

Kill Team Goodies

You will also be able to pick up the new Kill Team Annual 2019 which now offers up lots of additional rules, scenarios and more which were included as part of White Dwarf throughout the last few months.

Kill Team Annual - 40K

In here you'll find some rules for playing as the Adepta Sororitas, ways to outfit your Heretic Astartes and lots more. Alas, whilst folks don't have access to the new Sisters Of Battle just yet on a large scale you could use this to play with your older metal models.

Sisters Of Battle Kill Team - 40K

So, if you're going to be looking for some ways to play Warhammer 40,000, either on a large scale or as a skirmishing endeavour, they've got some good stuff for you to pick up!

What are you going to be picking up?

"...they've got some good stuff for you to pick up!"

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