Easy Build Models & New Entry Points To Warhammer 40K On Pre-Order Now

July 10, 2017 by brennon

Games Workshop has now added a couple of new entry points to Warhammer 40,000 onto their webstore for those looking to get a taste of the grim dark future.

First Strike

Both First Strike (shown above) and Know No Fear (below) give you different options for diving into the world. First Strike features the easy-to-build miniatures that we'll look at later but a few easy play options for you to get involved in a little skirmish on the tabletop.

Know No Fear

Know No Fear breaks down the Dark Imperium box much like Thunder & Blood did for Age Of Sigmar and gives you a potentially more manageable entry point into the world for one person or a duo; maybe even those younger gamers out there.

I think this is a great shout by Games Workshop. With the easy-to-build models being £10 for each individual box picking up the First Strike set seems like a no brainer, allowing you to get a few more models for the extra cost and then a chance to try out the mechanics.

Easy Build Soldiers

Presented in coloured plastics the four sets that we saw in previews last month are now going to be available this coming weekend. Leading the way we have the Reivers.


...who are backed up by their Intercessor Battle Brothers.

Space Marine Intercessors

There seems to be a little bit of wiggle room in how the positioning of the models can be changed, at least their arms anyway, but they are able to be pushed together and you'll be able to play basically right away which is neat.

The same goes for the bad guys in this particular release. We have both the Death Guard Plague Marines...

Death Guard Plague Marines

...and the Poxwalkers that fight alongside their power armoured fellows.


If you're interested in just testing out what the new models look like then this seems like a good way to tinker away on some hobby and break open the bitz box to see what customisation you could work into the models.

Open War Cards

As well as all of the models they also have some new Open War Cards for you to pick up.

Open War Cards

This card deck breaks down into an array of options for helping to mix up your games of Warhammer 40,000 changing how you deploy, what objectives are up for grabs and some twists in the tale too which will help weave a narrative together on the tabletop.

If you're interested in finding out more about how Open War cards work you can check out the video above or the article HERE.

What do you think of the newest releases?

"This card deck breaks down into an array of options for helping to mix up your games of Warhammer 40,000..."

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