Fire & Fists Descend On Warhammer 40K With New Codexes

October 14, 2019 by brennon

Games Workshop are back to looking at Space Marines fondly as this weekend marks the start of pre-orders for the new Salamanders and Imperial Fists Codexes for use in Warhammer 40,000 and your Space Marine armies.

Imperial Fists Codex - Games Workshop

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Leading the way for each of these First Founding Chapters you'll find the two books which can be picked up in their standard guise as you'll see above and below or in either Limited Edition format or digital if you prefer your tablets and other handheld devices. Once again, as a good friend has mentioned, it does look like these folks are posing for their Tinder profile pictures.

Salamanders Codex - Games Workshop

I still think it would have been cool to see them do some proper full artwork for these Codex Supplements. I know artwork costs money but it would have been rather cool to see a proper battle scene on the cover showing these Chapters embroiled in the midst of battle. I guess these do have a more 'official' look to them; as if they could be in-world dataslates or something.

Newly Forged Leaders

Beyond that though we have two new characters entering the fray. Both of these characters are the 3rd Company Captains of their respective Chapters, leading the way and telling their own stories on the tabletop. For the Imperial Fists, we have Tor Garadon or Chip Hazard to his friends.

Tor Garadon - Games Workshop

Armed and armoured in the newest technology available to the Primaris Space Marines these characters are going to be causing all sorts of damage on the battlefield. I knew a power fist was a hefty weapon but now this one has a set of knuckledusters attached!

Stepping away from the bright yellow of the Imperial Fists we also have Adrax Agatone, one of the newest colours in Dulux pai...oops, yeah. I think the 'tone' bit threw me off there.

Adrax Agatone - Games Workshop

Despite my little jab about the name I actually think that Adrax is the cooler of the two new Captains. I love the style of the Salamander armour and their history of hunting fire drakes on a boiling world just makes them all the more epic right?

I can't wait to see what they do with the Space Wolves and their Viking theming. I'd love to see a new Arjac Rockfist in particular although he is most likely too surly and grim to get himself upgraded to Primaris level.

Upgrade Your Armies

As well as the options available for characters there are also going to be a pair of Upgrade Kits available so you can properly personalise each of your squads.

Imperial Fists Upgrade Kit - Games Workshop

As before, both of the kits come with a number of different head options to use for leader figures as well as a set of shoulder pads which allow you to either properly kit out a smaller unit of mix and match them across a full squad.

Salamanders Upgrade Kit - Games Workshop

There never seems to be enough on these kits but hopefully, they aren't too dear so that you can pick up a few of them to use across your entire army. If you're frugal and use the transfers well you should be able to make good use of these across your soldiers and vehicles.

New Vehicles & Scouts

As well as the options which are very Chapter specific here there are also a few additional releases which reach beyond them to the Space Marines at large. The new Impulsor Tank is going to be popping up this weekend as an alternative transport option...

Impulsor Tank - Games Workshop

...and for scouting ahead and making sure that the coast is clear we also have the Infiltrators which can also be built as Incursors.

Infiltrators - Games Workshop

These stealthy Space Marines will be heading on before the vanguard of your force to look for enemy units and eliminate them before they can engage you in direct battle. As you might imagine, dropping these guys behind enemy lines is a good idea as they can rush in and disrupt them whilst also securing objectives and the like.

I do like that we're seeing this evolution of the Scout to this new 'Primaris' level but it will be interesting to see how that develops with armies like the Black Templars and Space Wolves.

What do you make of the new releases?

"For the Imperial Fists, we have Tor Garadon or Chip Hazard to his friends..."

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