Forge World Release The Mighty Warmaster Horus!

March 19, 2014 by brennon

We glimpsed Warmaster Horus in a snippet taken from a White Dwarf magazine but now Forge World have put the mighty leader up for pre-order. See what you think of him...

Warmaster Horus

Horus Detail

He looks a lot better here than he did in the White Dwarf preview. I love the amount of detail that's been worked into his armour, and the facial detail is outstanding; the paint job certainly helps there. Once again the only quibble I think people are going to have is that his cape is a bit odd. It just doesn't seem as detailed as the rest of him.

Horus' Cloak

Even from behind where you see the detail it still doesn't look right to me. Maybe it could have been made more battleworn to give it a lived in feeling. After all being a Warmaster and directing his Space Marine brothers in combat isn't going to be without it's share of fabric folly.

Will this have pride of place in your Primarch collection?

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