Forge World Releases New Tech-thrall Units.

December 19, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Forge World has released two new Tech-Thrall Units just in time for some last minute gifting ideas for this holiday season.


Thralls Mitra

The two units come in either the Covenant with Las-Locks or the Covenant with Mitralocks . Now you can take theses humans(?) that are no longer in control of their own-selves and swarm the enemy. Of course these miniatures look awesome and the detail is especially nice, it is Forge World after all. For all you hardcore 40K gamers out there you might want to check these out if they fit into your army lists and if they don't might be time to start one that does.

Thralls-LaslocksThrall Laslocks

Will you be taking control of these warriors?

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