The Genestealer Cult Rise To Tackle The Imperium This Week

January 28, 2019 by brennon

Games Workshop has been showing off the new Genestealer Cult miniatures coming up for pre-order this weekend. The world of Warhammer 40,000 is heating up as the Imperium is struck from within as well as from without.

Jackals - Games Workshop

Some of the rather awesome additions to the range include these Jackals who have taken Imperium kit to use it for themselves. There is a full on 'Mad Max' vibe going on here and you could see them tearing across the battlefield, causing havoc and picking off their goes with lightning strikes. They are also led by the Jackal Alphus here with a sniper rifle at the ready, making him a superb marksman to throw into the mix, taking off leaders from afar.

Jackal Alphus - Games Workshop

It's really awesome seeing what the team at Games Workshop are doing with the Genestealer Cults as it not only gives us a window into their invasion force but also what other equipment the Imperium could potentially call upon as well.

As well as these new additionals in vehicular form, we also have some options for those looking to bring traitors into their midst. The Genestealer Cults spread like the Chaos traitors, hiding their mutations and genetic deformities with helmets, masks and more.

Brood Brothers - Games Workshop

The new Brood Brothers set gives you some accessories for turning normal Imperial Guardsmen into hidden traitors, ready to spring ambushes on their allies when they least expect it. You could imagine these soldiers turning on their allies in the midst of battle, shooting them in the back.

New Characters

As well as these new additions in troop form, the Genestealer Cult also gets some additional support on the character front too. Most of you will have seen the new Magus miniature...

Magus - Games Workshop

...who looks like an awesome leader option to throw into the mix. I got a rather funky Star Trek/Starcraft vibe from her when I first saw her which is cool. Additionally, there's also this new character stalking in the shadows, the Sanctus.

Sanctus - Games Workshop

An awesome assassin, springing from the shadows with a deadly blade in hand. I love his little Genestealer minion too, no doubt helping him spot his target whilst also watching his back.

I'll briefly run through the additional characters that are also making an appearance too including the Locus...Locus - Games Workshop

...and the Nexos down below who actually comes with a holo-map on his base which looks like the layout of Warhammer World (a neat touch!). All of these characters really draw on that oldschool look of the Imperium from days gone by, inspired by artwork by Blanche amongst others.

Nexos - Games Workshop

The range then has that modern and up-to-date look which bypasses that slightly over-the-top look of the old range and makes it mesh with the aesthetic of Warhammer 40,000 as we currently know it.

Last but not least we have the Clamavus here calling the forces of the Cult to battle and making sure that their word is heard across the battlefield, terrifying the enemy as much as adding fire to the bellies of their allies. Clamavus - Games Workshop

There's a lot to be excited about when it comes to the Genestealer Cult and of course, alongside the miniatures, you'll get the Codex, lots of accessories and even some terrain too. You can learn more about the additional offerings HERE.

Are you tempted by a Genestealer Cult army and/or Kill Team?

"Are you tempted by a Genestealer Cult army and/or Kill Team?"

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