House Cawdor & Easy Turf Wars Coming To Necromunda This Week

July 30, 2018 by brennon

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Games Workshop is expanding on the grimdark world of Necromunda this week as they add House Cawdor into the mix for your gang wars beneath the girders and sewage pipes of the Hive Cities.

Necromunda Gang War IV - Games Workshop

You will find them inside this new supplement for the game, Gang War IV. As well as Cawdor within its pages you will also find expanded rules for the game as a whole including the introduction of Brutes, the Cawdor Stig-shambler and even rules for the first psyker in the game thus far!

Of course, a new set is going to be released as well.

Necromunda House Cawdor - Games Workshop

I really like the wild cultist vibe that Cawdor has going on and it's neat to see that they've managed to bring back the candle-hats in some fashion too. They might not be entirely practical but they really do conjure up the essence of those older miniatures with a modern twist.

As with all of these releases you're also going to get some themed gang cards and a dice set to help add some bling to your collection too.

Territory Cards

Another neat release coming your way this week is the Campaign Territory Deck which gives you a quick and easy way to generate territory for your games.

Necromunda Dominion Campaign Territory Cards - Games Workshop

Anything that takes the book-diving out of the equation and keeps you focused on the gaming table and the action going on there is good in my books. I really liked the card-driven systems that Games Workshop have employed with their other games and this looks to be another neat addition to the melting pot.

Are you tempted by House Cawdor?

"'s neat to see that they've managed to bring back the candle-hats in some fashion too"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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