Jaghatai Khan Joins Forge World’s Horus Heresy Collection

November 3, 2021 by brennon

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Jaghatai Khan, the Primarch of the White Scars has been revealed by Games Workshop and Forge World for their Horus Heresy collection. This is another of their big, impressive resin miniatures that can lead the way on the battlefield or simply stand as a display piece.

Jaghatai Khan - Forge World

Jaghatai Khan // Forge World

This miniature of Jaghatai Khan shows him standing imperiously over the battlefield, a fallen traitor at his feet. I don't think you'd want to be messing around with Khan when he's hunting the battlefield alongside his peerless warriors. As always with these Forge World miniatures, the detail in the sculpts is amazing and it would certainly look impressive as part of someone's collection.

Jaghatai Khan Detail - Forge World

Jaghatai Khan Detail // Forge World

The White Scars have gone past the stage of just being "the Chapter with all the bikes" which I think is cool, mainly because of the work done in books for The Horus Heresy and beyond. This is also the final of the Primarch miniatures (well, discounting the ones no one talks about) so it will be interesting to see what Forge World do next.

With Jaghatai Khan now arriving soon, is it time for us to finally see a sculpt for The Emperor? Will we see him clashing with Horus with a downed Sanguinius at his feet? I think it would be great to see that famous art piece realised in resin.

Are you going to be snapping up Jaghatai Khan? Who is your favourite Primarch?

"Who Is Your Favourite Primarch?"

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