Have You Seen Warhammer 40,000 Massive New Mortarion Yet?

September 4, 2017 by brennon

Games Workshop has been showing off more of Mortarion as the pre-orders for the model close in. This fellow is massive and well deserving of the name Primarch as he dominates the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000 on his putrid wings...

Death Guard Mortarion

As you can see he is flippin' huge! If you're not sure that we're telling the truth on this one then wait until you see him compared to some of the other new models.

Mortarion (Scale)

I'd have to hazard a guess that this is probably the biggest character that Games Workshop have done yet? I actually quite like the design a bit more now we've seen the full model away from the fuzz of a leaked image. The model is going to need a good hand to bring out all of its quality and detail but it should be a great focal piece for your Nurgle forces on the tabletop.

Games Workshop also shared some of his statistics too...

Mortarion Stat Line

As you'd imagine, being a Daemonic Primarch he isn't exactly a pushover and I like how he has rules that reflect him losing health, his wings getting shot to bits and such; it's a nice touch. Enemies nearby as well are going to be turned into piles of goo thanks to his Host Of Plagues and ability to lower their toughness - ouch.

Death Guard Codex & More

As well as Mortarion we have the Death Guard Codex to look forward to. It will come in two flavours as per usual with the standard version...

Death Guard Codex

...and the special limited edition version with all manner of gubbins like art cards, trackers and data cards to keep you going.

Death Guard Special Codex

We're fairly sure that means you're also going to see plenty of new miniatures too to build up this force including new ways to bring together Plague Marines on the tabletop.

Death Guard Plague Marines

The three new models above are the Plague Brethren which are three entirely new designs for the Death Guard not seen before. One assumes you'll be using these as Aspiring Champions of the various squads you bring to the fore.

Are you liking the look for Mortarion or is it not your cup of tea?

"As you'd imagine, being a Daemonic Primarch he isn't exactly a pushover..."

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