New Adepta Sororitas Codex & Miniatures This Week

May 31, 2021 by brennon

Games Workshop might be riding high on the news of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar but they also have plans for Warhammer 40,000 too. The new Adepta Sororitas Codex is going to be available to pre-order from this weekend alongside a host of reinforcements.

Codex Adepta Sororitas - Warhammer 40K JUNE

Codex Adepta Sororitas // Warhammer 40,000

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For grimdark veterans, you'll be familiar with what's included in a new Codex. For those yet to really dive in deep, this will include all of the new rules, statistics and more that you'll need to play the Adepta Sororitas on the tabletop. You'll also get a good dose of lore allowing you to chart the progress of the Adepta Sororitas as they battle new foes on new frontiers.

New Leaders & Protectors

A new book comes with new miniatures and that's where Morvenn Vahl comes in. As a new High Lord Of Terra, she is looking to buck a bit of a trend. Instead of working in the shadows, she is very much intent on continuing her role as a battlefield commander.

Morvenn Vahl - Warhammer 40K JUNE

Morvenn Vahl // Warhammer 40,000

To help her in that endeavour, she gets to wear this custom made Paragon Warsuit which looks pretty ace I have to say. She is very much like a little walking church which seems very fitting for the over-the-top world of Warhammer 40,000.

Talking of Warsuits, you will also be able to buy the new Paragon Warsuit unit for your army.

Paragon Warsuits - Warhammer 40K JUNE

Paragon Warsuits // Warhammer 40,000

Not as cool looking as the unique version above but still pretty neat. They very much have that Matrix vibe to their design but with plenty of added grimdark for good measure. I could see people who love converting having fun with these and giving them more dynamic poses.

You can also call on the brutal efficiency of the Celestian Sacresants when you dive into the heat of battle.

Celestian Sacresants - Warhammer 40K JUNE

Celestian Sacresants // Warhammer 40,000

With their coffin-like shields and deadly power mauls, these ladies seem like they don't take any nonsense! Much like the Paragon Warsuits, they are well suited to a bodyguard role alongside your chosen leader. I like that they also have their bolt pistols tucked behind their shields allowing them to get stuck into the fighting and shoot anyone who tries to run away.

Fleeting Treasures...

It wouldn't be the release of a new Codex without some additional accessories. Best of luck trying to get your hands on these...

Adepta Sororitas Accessories - Warhammer 40K

Adepta Sororitas Accessories // Warhammer 40,000

It's a real shame that those dice will probably sell out way faster than you think. The designs on them are very nice indeed, especially with the Inquisitorial "I" there as the six. If you're a fan of the Adepta Sororitas then you've got plenty to get stuck into with this new Codex.

Are you going to be checking these releases out?

"If you're a fan of the Adepta Sororitas then you've got plenty to get stuck into with this new Codex. Are you going to be checking these releases out?"

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