New Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine II Gameplay Trailer Drops

December 9, 2022 by brennon

A fun new trailer dropped from Focus showing off more gameplay from the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 video game, Space Marine II. In this video, we see (the artist formally known as...) Captain Titus getting stuck into some ranged and melee combat against the Tyranid hordes.

Space Marine II Gameplay Trailer

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The trailer is quite short but it shows off a brutal clash between Titus and the Tyranids that are invading an Imperial world. The sheer size and scale of the combats that you're going to be embroiled in have been turned up to eleven since the original game and it looks just as brutal and satisfying as ever.

Space Marine II Screenshot

Space Marine II - Environments

Space Marine was one of my favourite Warhammer video games and still is. I even replayed it recently just to enjoy the campaign again and I am still intrigued to see what they do here with both the story and the gameplay. The visceral nature of the combat is still there it seems but it will be interesting to see just where they go when it comes to the threatening forces of the Tyranids.

Space Marine II Screenshot Akt

Space Marine II Screenshot - Combat

It looks like Titus has crossed the Rubicon Primaris as we thought when we saw the announcement trailer and there are plenty of arms and armour on display that players of Space Marines will be familiar with. Clive Staten is doing a decent job on the voice for Titus but it's still a bit odd not hearing Mark Strong's powerful voice coming out of that helmet. I am eager to see what Staten does with Titus though and I thought he was great in Vikings.

Whilst we've been talking about Captain Titus throughout this article, the Collector's Edition box for Space Marine II gives us a little hint as to what's happened to ol' Titus. It seems he has become one of those damnable Lieutenants after falling foul of the Inquisition in the first game.

Space Marine II Collectors Edition

Space Marine II Collector's Edition // Focus

There aren't too many more details on the game at this point but, since we're getting more gameplay, I'd hope that we'll be able to dive deeper into the game and what we can expect during the first few months of 2023.

Are you tempted to dive back into Space Marine with this upcoming game? My PS5 is waiting...

"The trailer is quite short but it shows off a brutal clash between Titus and the Tyranids that are invading an Imperial world..."

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