Orlocks Invade Necromunda’s Underhive In 2018 + Painted Varagyr Terminators

November 27, 2017 by brennon

The third faction coming to Necromunda: Underhive next year has been revealed by Games Workshop. Meet the Orlocks...

Orlocks #1

Made up of the various engineers and mechanics that find themselves being disenfranchised by those above them they formed into a gang and use their considerable talents to make sure that things are kept in order amongst the workers.

Orlocks #2

They use a range of powerful weapons that they've fashioned themselves and tweaked to their own specifications. They look awesome too, and relatively normal compared to some of the other gangs out there.

Orlocks #3

That means they might also have a few more alternative choices when it comes to weapons including this harpoon-style launcher above. I like their style and you've also got plenty of awesome beards and other types of facial hair to paint which is always a good sign in a model set.

Orlocks #4

They have a great style to them, and each of these models is going to be brought to life by the second of the Gang War books which will detail them as a faction and keep you up-to-date with new scenarios and more in 2018.

Gang War II

Some new 2D battle boards are going to be available alongside the rules as well to change up the environments you can fight in, and of course, the 3D range is no doubt going to expand in the new year as well.

Additionally, you'll also find some rules for hiring Hive Scum and Bounty Hunters for your gang, a bit like these fellows here.

Hired Guns

Each of them is looking nice and individual in their appearance with a good twist to each of their designs. I like the somewhat mutated and hunched fellow and the woman with the flowing face covering; it's a nice touch and you could imagine she stole and ripped it from a gang's banner.

Hulking Wolves

We also got a preview of what's coming from Forge World with painted versions of the Varagyr Terminators by Forge World.

Varagyr Terminators (Alt)

It's nice for us to get a proper look at the final models. The previews we'd seen before were somewhat lacking in detail but now I think it would be hard to ignore these snarling warriors.

Varagyr Terminators

The entire squad is looking rather awesome and might be a good addition to both Horus Heresy-era armies as well as those from the more recent timeline. You could use them as honoured and revered Wolf Guard who have fought alongside their Wolf Lord for generations.

What do you think of these new previews from Games Workshop?

"Meet the Orlocks..."

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