Community Spotlight: Warriors, Wolves & Walkers

November 18, 2016 by crew

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We're back with another awesome Community Spotlight looking at what you folks have been up to in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

This time around we're taking a look at some Sci-Fi, a bit of Fantasy/Historical and then some Zombie goodness inspired by last week's Boot Camp!

Arena Rex Gladiator by reiton

First off we're taking a look at this Arena Rex Gladiator that was painted up by reiton. He stands triumphant on the sands of the arena, or maybe simply just about to do battle.

Arena Rex Gladiator #1 by reiton

The choice of red with the model really stands out against the darker chainmail wrapped around his arms and legs. The muscle definition has come across very nicely too!

Arena Rex Gladiator #2 by reiton

We were also particularly drawn to the bronze greaves and helmet with a touch of rust and age adorning the metal plates. The Arena Rex team really do some great work in terms of sculpting and reiton has done the model justice here!

Geigor Fell-Hand by rtlemon

Following up from him we take a look at the work on Geigor Fell-hand by rtlemon. This model recently came out as part of Burning Of Prospero and the turn around to get this to the table was quick! Nice one rtlemon!

Geigor Fellhand #1 by rtlemon

The thing that really struck us about this particular scheme was the almost matte quality to it. The grey looks amazing and it mixes very nicely with the lighter greys and whites on the model too. His bright blonde hair and spots of red act as nice spot colours too.

Geigor Fellhand #2 by rtlemon

A few nice touches here and there with the armour has then bought it to life. Spots of highlighting and good shading lift the model up and make it stand out. The facial details have come out very nicely too.

Importantly the base also helps frame the model well! A nice scattering of snow and the broken tree help drop him into a battlefield setting.

Walking Dead Walkers by maddgame

Inspired by the Boot Camp maddgame painted up some of the Walkers from The Walking Dead: All Out War. The dead folk are looking good and it's nice to see them with spots of bright colours too!

Walkers by madgame

The collection of Walkers included within the set offer up so many different options when it comes to painting meaning that you're not going to get too bored painting up the set.

Well done maddgame and we're looking forward to seeing what else is on the way for your set.

Another great collection of models and some more inspiration for us as hobbyists! Make sure to dive in and show us what you've been working on over on the Hobby & Painting Forum.

Get your comments in below!

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