Square Up To Forge World’s New Telemon Heavy Dreadnought

July 1, 2017 by brennon

I think that most people are in agreement that Dreadnoughts from the world of Warhammer 40,000 are cool. Well, here's Forge World's latest creation which might add to that cool factor with the Telemon Heavy Dreadnought.


These are mighty walking tanks, a monument to their designers will and want to cause destruction on the battlefield.

"Fewer than a handful of Telemon Dreadnoughts are to be found within the ranks of the Legio Custodes, each intended to stand sentinel over its charges no matter the forces brought against it. The honour of interment in one of the few existing Telemon sarcophagi is awarded to only the most celebrated warriors.

Rare is the foe who can stand against the array of esoteric, hand-crafted weapons that grace its chassis or the ferocious will and warrior skill of the master Custodian interred within."

As you can see the Telemon stands rather tall next to the standard Space Marine.


Armed with an Arachnus Storm Cannon as well as the shoulder-mounted missile rack, this is a walker to be feared. You probably wouldn't want to get too close to it in combat either with that massive power fist ready to crush you into a pulp.

What do you think of this as a new Legio Custodes piece?

"...a monument to their designers will and want to cause destruction on the battlefield"

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