New Tau Commander & Codex Coming Soon

October 16, 2015 by brennon

The Tau are taking over Warhammer 40,000 over the next few weeks. While this weekend welcomes the Breacher Fire Warriors and the Tidewall Rampart Defences the coming weeks also feature a new Tau Commander and Codex...

Battlesuit Art

The new Tau Commander suit which you can see HERE is suited and booted within a Coldstar Battlesuit. This makes the Commander into a Flying Monstrous Creature (dangerous!) and is laden with all manner of interesting weapon options.

The Commander also gets a rather good stat-line with a reasonable Weapon Skill of 4 and a Strength of 5 to help match the always impressive Ballistic Skill of 5 too. It will be up to you to then tweak and change your Coldstar suit to fit your own needs.

Source: Advanced Tau Tatica Forum Here & Here

There is also a new Codex on the way, a glimpse of it you can see above.

Are you going to be choosing to follow The Greater Good?

"The new Tau Commander suit is suited and booted within a Coldstar Battlesuit..."

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