The Exodite Gets New Teaser Trailer For Warhammer TV

December 23, 2021 by brennon

The Exodite, another of the animation projects for Warhammer+ and Warhammer TV, has got itself a new trailer this week. Games Workshop are looking to tell a new tale of T'au and Eldar in the grimdark future of Warhammer 40,000.

The Exodite Official Trailer 2 // Warhammer TV

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As you can see from the trailer, it looks like the T'au are expanding their empire and taking on some Imperial foes. There are also plenty of nods towards some stealthy operations, especially with the XV15 Stealthsuits making an appearance.

The twist is going to be in how The Exodites are involved. They are Aeldari who split from their Craftworlds and are a constant source of interesting kitbashing goodness on the tabletop. Are they going to run into the T'au as they plan to conquer a world they have made their home?

The Exodite - Warhammer Plus

The Exodite // Warhammer Plus

The animation quality is certainly looking a lot better than the first teaser we got for it and it will be neat to see where this goes. Angels Of Death, as much as I didn't like the animation style, still told an interesting story with its characters. I hope that continues with The Exodite.

Are you going to be watching this?

"The twist is going to be in how The Exodites are involved..."

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