The Word Bearer Gal Vorbak Assault Out Of Forge World

August 2, 2014 by brennon

Forge World have some mutated warp fiends for your Word Bearer army this time around, the Gal Vorbak. See what you think of these prickly customers as they lunge forth from the shadows and tear your unit limb from limb!



"The Gal Vorbak is built upon the remnants of the Serrated Sun Chapter of the Word Bearers Legion, the conquerors of the primitive world of Cadia who looked into the depths of the Eye of Terror itself and in doing so were changed for all time. Their psyches infiltrated by creatures from the darkness of the Æther, the survivors are named the Gal Vorbak, or “Blessed Sons” in the language of Colchis, and are possessed of strengths and abilities far above those of other Astartes." some rather cool possessed and the miniatures are very awesome too in my opinion. I think they've got the right 'bursting out of the armour' look down and they have retained enough of what humanity they had making them all the more uncanny and creepy.

They probably shred things on the battlefield, once they get into combat of course, and it would be awesome to see some really well painted versions of these.

What do you make of them?

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