The Mortarchs Join Nagash For Warhammer Fantasy!

August 30, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop are adding to the range of villains that will be aiding Nagash as he heralds in The End Times. See what you think of his Mortarchs - Neferata, Mannfred Von Carstein and Arkhan the Black!


Mannfred Von Carstein

Arkhan the Black

Once again I am a big fan and I would love to see these on the tabletop for myself. With Nagash swinging in at 1000 points let's hope these guys are just as mighty and could act as partners for him on the battlefield. Put all three of these into the same army alongside Nagash and let's have some fun!

While you might think that these are three different kits these are actually all from the same one meaning you will have to choose which one of them you want to make. It does mean you're going to have some cool additional beasts if you really wanted to by three packs.

I think my favourite of the three is Arkhan because I like both his beast and the rider himself is an ace sculpt.

Which is your favourite?

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