A Rumoured Map Of The Warhammer Fantasy End Times!

August 26, 2014 by brennon

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According to the vast chattering masses on the internet we have a map of The End Times planned out for Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy. So where does it all start? The first step is of course Nagash which is coming to the tabletop this weekend...


Skaven Warlord


The plan, as illustrated above by these lovely pieces of artwork, is to have a book focusing on the armies of Chaos launch in October and this will most likely focus in on Archaon's horde and the villains that will be descending from the Northern Wastes. After that we have a wait till January when the Skaven will pop up. Since they are the ones who masterminded the downfall of Nagash the first time it will be interesting to see what uneasy alliances are formed with the warpstone crazed ratmen.

Last but not least we have a collected book that is going to be coming out in March which helps knit together the other armies embroiled in the conflict - so everyone. From what the new White Dwarf said on Saturday and the mutterings we're hearing on the internet it sounds like we're in for quite the world war with everything ending in calamitous disaster.

With that in mind the next edition of the game is touted for the same kind of slot Warhammer 40,000 had this year. 2015 becomes the year of mighty Warhammer armies then, and I can't wait! Let's hope they don't pull some time travel nonsense.

Are you looking forward to The End Time?

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