The Skaven Stormfiends Bring Their Weapons To Warhammer!

January 16, 2015 by brennon

If you thought that the Skaven were lacking in heavy weapons and long range firepower then think again. The new Stormfiends are now out for pre-order through Games Workshop for Warhammer Fantasy. There's also the new Warlord and Grey Seer to check out...


The Stormfiends are looking like they come with a wide range of different weapons and are once again clad in some pretty heavy armour alongside looking significantly Skaven underneath. These are some rats that have been seriously pumped full of chemicals and warpstone.

Grey Seer

Skaven Warlord

Next up we have the Warlord and the Grey Seer that are now out in plastic. We talked about their design a lot when we first saw the leaks and while they aren't as characterful as the previous Skaven offerings they are probably a welcome addition for fans of new look Skaven. The Island of Blood made some good leaps and bounds in terms of the basic Skaven design and it's nice to see this translated along here too.

Do you think they're distinct enough to stand out amongst a regiment? If not, maybe they were designed to stand out by themselves in the midst of a skirmishing horde instead!

Will you be getting any of these new Skaven?

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