The New Skaven Pour Forth For Warhammer End Times!

January 2, 2015 by brennon

Games Workshop have pushed out their first Warhammer End Times releases of 2015 and it's focused in on the deadly daemons of the Skaven, the Verminlords! They are also joined by a unique named character, Skreech Verminking!

Skreech Verminking

First up we have Skreech himself who is also part of the variations you can build when you buy the Verminlord kit from Games Workshop. He counts as one of the five models you can make even if listed separately on the webstore.

"The mightiest of all the Verminlords, Skreech Verminking is a legend amongst the Skaven. Possessing phenomenal magical ability, allied with the best traits of the Skaven clans, he is the master of ruin reaping death wherever he walks."

It will be interesting to see where this fellow stacks up against the other big characters of The End Times like Nagash and Glottkin but knowing Games Workshop he has plenty of awesome secrets in that shattered skull of his.





The other combinations allow you to build (in order above) a Warpseer, Warbringer, Deceiver and Corruptor each with their own weapon choices and head designs. With the amount of options in this kit it's going to be interesting to see what avid hobbyists do with the spares. I could see a fair few very cool Rat Ogres looking pretty monstrous!

According to rumours there is ONE more book in the End Times saga after this Skaven one which should also see the return of perhaps the best Thanquol miniature we've ever seen. I hope that means we get Boneripper too! Some of the whisperings we've heard point to the final book seeing more murder and mayhem than ever before.

Where does The Old World go from here?

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