New Skaven Warlord & Grey Seer Scamper Into Warhammer Fantasy

January 13, 2015 by brennon

Games Workshop have had another leak from the upcoming White Dwarf which shows off some new plastic characters coming your way for Warhammer Fantasy and the Skaven in the wake of End Times: Thanquol. You can see both the Warlord & Grey Seer HERE...

Skaven Warlord (Classic)

Skaven Grey Seer (Classic)

Above you can see two of the classic miniatures for the Skaven showing off a Warlord and Grey Seer. The new ones are certainly more 'clean' looking than these ones are and a lot more colourful!

The Warlord himself is fully armoured standing atop a large rock. He has one hand outstretched directing his troops while the other holds a sword. On his back he has a banner with the Skaven icon mounted on the top, a lot like the one in the classic miniature above.

The Grey Seer is swathed in robes as you might imagine and has one hand outstretched once again while the other clutches a globe. His horns are more like a daemons this time around rather than the curled rams horns that we're used to seeing on Grey Seers. Last but not least he has a staff clutched in the crook of his arm with a small rat perched atop it clutching a shard of warpstone.

Another image was also present on the link above which shows the Stormfiends in their proper scale against other miniatures. They really are hulking beasts and I kind of like them!

I'm not overly keen on the 'clean' look to these new Skaven but that's just the studio paint job. I think if you grim them up a bit they'd look ten times better.

What do you think?

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