Latest Warhammer End Times Teaser & Starter Set Details Leak Out?

February 24, 2015 by brennon

So the latest Games Workshop teaser trailer has popped up marking the Warhammer End Times (the REAL End Times) as this weekend. Archaon will come down from the North like a storm while Nagash rises to meet him from the South. Everyone else looks like they're going to be stuck in the middle!


High Elves

It's interesting to ponder on who might be talking in the trailer. It's not Archaon and it's not Nagash either but could well be some poor Empire soul stuck in the middle. It could just be narration of course and actually have no bearing on any character. Admittedly a lot of people will be fighting for survival so take your pick!


Where next? Well the rumours have begun on what is going to be in this new Starter Set/Getting Started Box for the new edition of the game. Here's what we've heard the new box will contain...


  • 2 Warriors of Chaos Units
  • 1 Daemon Unit
  • 1 Chaos Warmachine
  • 1 Lord (Special Edition and Unique)

Forces Of Good

  • 2 Empire Infantry Units
  • 1 Empire Cavalry Unit
  • 1 Elf Unit
  • 1 Warmachine (Dwarf?)
  • 2 Lords (Special Edition and Unique Mounted & Foot)

...with all of this alongside two rulebooks, a painting guide and an army lists book. All of this is sounding very much like the Stormclaw/Exterminatus boxed sets we got for Warhammer 40,000 and would certainly follow an interesting trend however I would hope this isn't as limited as those if they're looking to get people off the ground with the new version of the game.

Fluff wise this is all meant to be set inside a ruined city of the Empire and will focus in on small level skirmish games where the heroes and characters are key. There has also been rumblings of new modular plastic terrain that will be a big focus for this new version of the game.

Sound like a good rumour to you?

"Archaon will come down from the North like a storm while Nagash rises to meet him from the South"

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