Warlord Games Assemble Erehwon Samurai Armies

November 12, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games has just released a lot of different sets of Samurai models for use in your games of Warlords Of Erehwon. You can pick up a number of sets which can be combined with some of the plastic kits out there to create your new Fantasy army.

Samurai Heroes - Warlord Games

Leading the way we have a set of Samurai Heroes who look like they'd be pretty good a range of different leaders in-game. I particularly like the larger than life guy with the gut and the massive sword. I think he would be the kind of brash hero I'd bring into the mix during my games.

The rest of the releases then break down into a number of sets which could be retooled as groups of infantry for you to use. Here we have the Sohei Warrior Monks...Sohei Warrior Monks - Warlord Games

...but you can also pick up the rather excellent looking Ninjas who might be worth picking up simply because, well, Ninjas right!?

Ninjas - Warlord Games

I think the range that Warlord Games brought together originally for Test Of Honour and now whatever game might take your fancy are some of their best and it is good to see them getting another lease of life in a Fantasy setting. You can even get firing from afar with the talented bowmen of the Onna-Bugeisha.

Onna Bugeisha With Longbows - Warlord Games

The art of archery has always been something I have been fascinated by and so seeing some of these warrior women with their longbows is very cool indeed. I wouldn't want to raid a village when these ladies were watching from the walls.

All of this comes together with a set of Samurai Warband rules which you can download for yourself HERE and take a look at. What I think would be particularly cool is to look at some existing Fantasy Samurai forces and see about bringing them to life in Warlords Of Erehwon. For example, look to The Legend Of The Five Rings and make one of those clans for the game!

What do you think about the new Samurai army list they have built?

"...look to The Legend Of The Five Rings and make one of those clans for the game!"

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