Mechaniks & Shock Troops Previewed For Warmachine

November 18, 2022 by brennon

Privateer Press has been previewing some of the new miniatures coming to support the forces of Khador when the new edition of Warmachine hits. Recently, we got a look at the Khador Winter Korps Battle Mechanik and a strange bit of tech.

Battle Mechanik - Warmachine

Battle Mechanik // Warmachine

Much like the Battle Mechaniks of the past, they follow on behind the towering Khadorian Warjacks as they stomp across the battlefield. Armed with an array of tools, they keep those Warjacks going and often find themselves right in the heart of the fighting. They find themselves clad in heavy armour and with a book of prayers, hoping that the enemy Warjacks don't blow up their charges.

Another piece of Khadorian tech comes in the form of the AC-2 Bison which looks a whole lot like a tank to me.

AC-2 Bison - Warmachine

AC-2 Bison // Warmachine

This beast features a pair of powerful auto cannons and you can certainly give the enemy "both barrels". It can also just roll over anything that stands in its way. I don't think I'd want to get trapped under those tracks. Warmachine is no stranger to guns and big, clanking mechanical creations so a tank is totally off-book. Still, I think I'll keep to Warjacks by the bucket load. Warjacks are cool.

As well as the mechanics and their contraptions, there are also some new Shock Trooper miniatures becoming available for the forces of Khador.

Shocktrooper Gunners - Warmachine

Shocktrooper Gunners // Warmachine

Armed with essentially shotguns, these Shocktrooper Gunners are pretty darn good at getting stuck into the heart of combat and blasting your foes off the table. I love the image of a Warjack smashing its way through a building and then as the dust settles, these Gunners storm through the gap and start taking out the coughing and bewildered defenders.

As well as the Shocktrooper Gunners, there are also the up close and personal Pikemen.

Pikemen - Warmachine

Pikemen // Warmachine

Able to form up into a shieldwall, these Pikemen can then go to town on their enemies, knocking them down with the force of their Blasting Pikes. The look and feel of these miniatures are a little more Sci-Fi/Steampunk than we've previously seen but it does make sense for a world that has been growing and changing over the years.

There are certainly some great-looking Khador miniatures coming out for Warmachine. I still think I'm sold on House Dusk though with their awesome "not really bad guy" Elves.

What do you make of these new Khador miniatures?

"I love the image of a Warjack smashing its way through a building and then as the dust settles, these Gunners storm through the gap..."

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