Heavy Armour & Big Guns Join Privateer Press’ Warmachine

February 27, 2024 by brennon

A couple of new heavier options are popping up for both the forces of Cygnar and Khador by Privateer Press. You can add this new Warmachine character and a rumbling big gun to your forces right now.

Captain Raef Huxley - Warmachine

Captain Raef Huxley // Warmachine

We start with Captain Raef Huxely who is ready to dominate any portion of the battlefield that suits you. You can go for one of two different configurations, focusing on either Sky Stormer or Ground Assault. In the air, Huxely is a swift-moving melee option able to get to where he is needed with ease. In the Ground Assault mode, the focus is on the Heavy Mag Bolter which is one of the biggest weapons normally reserved for the Stryker Heavy Warjack!

If you're looking to run a heavier force then you might find Captain Raef Huxely a good option. Fight from the front and fear no enemy weapons! I do think it would be neat to have a version of this miniature with a helmet but otherwise, I think he's looking pretty swish!

Rumbling Guns!

Blowing your opponents away with heavy weaponry has long been the mainstay of the forces of Khador and that's no different with the AC-2 Bison in play.

AC-2 Bison - Warmachine

AC-2 Bison // Warmachine

Powered by a steam engine (it's a train, right?) the Bison can rumble forward and support your infantry with those massive auto-cannons on top of it. You could have a few of these Bisons set up on either end of the battlefield, laying down covering fire as your soldiers rush forward under covering fire.

Both of these miniatures are available for you to snap up right now as we move into March.

Could you be tempted by these new heavy miniatures?

"We start with Captain Raef Huxely who is ready to dominate any portion of the battlefield that suits you...."

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