Infernals Summon Twisted Creatures & Lords To Warmachine

August 28, 2019 by brennon

Privateer Press has added three new demonic creatures into the mix for those taking on the role of the Infernals in Warmachine. We start with a mighty warrior who clearly took fashion advice from Sauron. Check out Omodamos, The Black Gate.

Omodamos The Black Gate Infernal Master - Privateer Press

"All infernal masters are adept at battle, but more than any other, Omodamos embraces combat as the essence of his being. This master is a juggernaut of destruction, a force of unnature, and a being whose arrival presages slaughter and endings.

He is called the Black Gate, for he eschews negotiations and contracts, preferring to tear souls directly from the slain and send them howling into the Outer Abyss. His arrival on Caen affords ample opportunities to inflict chain reactions of destruction and suffering, a pleasure denied him in the outer realms. Where Omodamos strides, reality weakens and buckles, flinching back as if afraid."

The end times is truly coming with terrifying enemies like this wandering across the lands of Immoren. I really like the style of the model, rising up from the smoke and flames with those twisted flails in hand, ready to smash his foes into smithereens. He is every ounce the terrifying leader.

Twisted Demons

As well as this leader figure in Omodamos there's also two new Heavy Horrors for you to consider for your force. First up we have the Tormentor...

Tormentor - Privateer Press

...followed by the Desolator. Both models really show off that demonic alien-ness of the Infernals as a faction and another really left-field addition to the Warmachine line-up. Following on from the Grymkin this is another quirky new way for them to try and shake up Warmachine and Hordes.

Desolator - Privateer Press

Much like with the Grymkin I really do like the design of these miniatures although they are a bit more far removed from what I envisioned as Warmahordes when I was playing it. Still, change is good and it helps to have the story moving along to make games feel fresh and interesting.

I could also see people taking these Infernals and doing something different with them too. There's plenty of games out there in both the Sci-Fi and Fantasy realms where these models would fit in. Maybe you want to create a unique looking Abyssal force for Kings Of War for example?

What do you make of these new horrors?

"We start with a mighty warrior who clearly took fashion advice from Sauron..."

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