New Infernal Monsters & Fiends Stomp Into Warmachine

August 8, 2019 by brennon

Privateer Press has been showing off a whole host of new Infernal releases which are available right now. We start with some of the terrifying monsters that are summoned to the tabletop for the Infernals in games of Warmachine.

Lamenter - Privateer Press

We start with the Lamenter.

"Though considered a minor horror compared to its more hulking and massive counterparts, the lamenter makes up for its size with a streak of unmistakable cruelty. The very appearance of these creatures is an assault on the mind—it can shatter sanity and fray nerves. A lamenter often toys with its victims needlessly, impaling them with its wickedly sharp impaling limbs. Each is surrounded by a swarm of invisible floating parasites that gnaw on the souls of its enemies, inflicting mental torment."

It looks like something which has been dredged up from a nightmare, which is very fitting of course. I love the fact that it is stark white, rather than being black and covered in red. It will provide you with a different aesthetic focus for your Infernal force on the tabletop.

Next up we have the Soul Stalker who, as you might imagine, loves hunting for souls.

Soul Stalker - Privateer Press

"Among the most frequently witnessed of horrors on Caen, the soul stalker is a terrifying serpentine creature that tirelessly stalks its prey. Arriving into the world with a piercing shriek, a stalker twists through the air in defiance of natural laws. Stalkers are sent from the Outer Abyss to harvest marked souls lingering in Caen so they can be brought back to the infernal masters. They can slay by bite or constriction, absorbing the souls of any they slay to add to those they have already collected."

I love the look of this creature with a little bit more of an insectoid appearance. You could imagine this slithering up around your soldiers and just ripping the souls from their bodies. There's a nice bit of the Lovecraftian about the model too which is a good element of horror to add into the equation.

Infernal Leaders

As well as these monsters we also have some new characters getting added into the mix too. We start here with the Umbral Guardian.

Umbral Guardian - Privateer Press

"Umbrals are a type of infernal that occupies a distinct niche in the Outer Abyss, benefitting from being able to slip into Caen more easily than others. They possess a special connection to shadows that lets them exploit darkness to serve as gateways. Guardians are often contracted to bind into the shadows of important infernal assets, lurking unseen to await the time they are needed, at which point they spring into action in defence of their charge."

It's nice to see this utterly terrifying element of the Immoren world being brought to the fore. Of course, we've had Cryx in the past but the Infernals are ratcheting things up to another level. This has also come across with the addition of The Wretch.

The Wretch - Privateer Press

"Some infernalists embrace their chosen path with greater than normal enthusiasm, surrendering themselves utterly to the cause and giving up their humanity. Referred to as wretches, these individuals have put their past identities behind them and have earned a variety of boons from their patrons that allow them to unleash terrifying magic. Infernal power has transfigured them into monsters with scaled skin, wrapped in tattered rags and chains that symbolize their bondage to higher powers."

Now, this is once again a very cool addition into the mix for those playing as Infernals but I also think these characters would immediately make for epic bad guys in your roleplaying games too. Imagine this fellow being the big bad who bursts out of a tomb when your party are down in a dungeon?

A twisted character also joins the Infernals on horseback with Valin Hauke, The Fallen Knight.

Valin Hauke The Fallen Knight - Privateer Press

"The most ardent adversaries of the infernals have long been the Morrowans, such as the soldiers of the Order of Illumination. Valin Hauke was once one of their champions, a knight who had sworn oaths to eradicate infernalism. A tragic series of events would lead to his undoing and rebirth. The world of light he once believed in has been revealed to be an illusion and the coming darkness as the true reality. Hauke no longer cares whether his victims are innocent or guilty, as he no longer believes in innocence."

I love the idea of fallen knights, paladins and those who have faith. It's such a neat concept to try and follow and it adds a feeling of sorrow to their character. His sword is insanely epic too, and somewhere a Chaos Lord from Warhammer wants it back.

Cultists Arise!

As well as the characters you're going to need a Cultist Band and their Dark Sentinels which will make up the bulk of your force.

Cultist Band & Dark Sentinels - Privateer Press

"Tempted by boons and offers of power, many mortals have chosen of their own free will to serve alien beings from beyond Urcaen. Infernalist cultists are corrupted and manipulated into surrendering their former loyalties to become willing collaborators in the infernal invasion. Wielding rune-covered ritual blades that whisper to them and pulse with inner heat, the most prodigious killers are elevated to dark sentinels, bestowed with more formidable great swords and entrusted to take on special tasks."

Again, whilst these are great for use in Warmachine there's also a lot of potential here for these being cultists in your roleplaying games and skirmish games too. I really like the style of their masks! It is a real shame that there are still so many repeat sculpts in the set, I had hoped we'd get past that now with Warmachine but alas it seems not. Still, try some different paint schemes and you might be able to invoke a little bit of individualism.

Pass Through The Infernal Gate

As well as the miniatures we also have a big bit of terrain for you to use in your games too. Check out the Infernal Gate.

Infernal Gate - Privateer Press

"For centuries, infernals have schemed ways to facilitate their arrival on Caen. Infernal gates serve as longer-lasting conduits to the outer realms, connecting as well to the repositories ofsouls held by infernal masters. Dormant gates can be disguised as ordinary structures,revealing their true nature only when activated, becoming towering portals of darknessadorned with unholy runes. Reality slips and shivers around the gate, and it can unleashbursts of spectral flame to consume those who would seek to prevent the arrival of infernalmasters and their horrors."

In gameplay, this Infernal Gate helps in the summoning of your horrors and you can also work to transport beasts around the tabletop, making you hard to pin down.

Are you going to be diving in to pick up some new Infernals for use in the ongoing Warmachine story?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Are you going to be diving in to pick up some new Infernals for use in the ongoing Warmachine story?"

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