New Mercenaries Join The Fighting In Warmachine MKIV

March 7, 2023 by brennon

A new band of Mercenaries have been released for the new edition of Warmachine. Privateer Press are building on the storylines for a lot of different characters that have existed in the Warmachine lore before, fighting for both good and evil.

Prisoner 102822 - Warmachine

Prisoner 102822 // Warmachine

The first of the miniatures is Prisoner 102822 who can be used when fighting as Dusk House Kallyss and the Khador Winter Korps. She was sentenced to serve as a Doom Reaver but was able to gain control of the fellblade that she had in her control. She has become essentially a living weapon of the forces of the Retribution but she will also fight in the lands of Khador against whatever enemy stands before her.

We keep with the cursed and the damned with the addition of Maulgreth, The Charnel Plague to Dusk House Kallyss or the Orgoth Sea Raiders.

Maulgreth The Charnel Plague - Warmachine

Maulgreth, The Charnel Plague // Warmachine

Waiting in a forgotten tomb, this mighty Orgoth Warlord is ready to take his revenge on the lands of Immoren. He is an avatar of death and will sometimes fight alongside the forces of Orgoth although he isn't afraid of turning his axe on his allies and fighting for the Cult Of Nyrro instead.

We now have a mighty warrior who is old but he still checks out. See what you make of Koldun, Lord Damien Korovnik.

Koldun, Lord Damien Korovnik // Warmachine

Fighting for the Orgoth Sea Raiders or the forces of Khador, Koldun is a former Greylord who is ready to fight against his own countrymen should the need arise. After the purge of his kinsmen, he harbours something of a grudge although being captured by Orgoth, he does find himself occasionally fighting against his better judgement.

Next up, we get ice cold with the coming of Eiryss, Shadow Of Retribution.

Eiryss Shadow Of Retribution - Warmachine

Eiryss, Shadow Of Retribution // Warmachine

Working for the Cygnar Storm Legion and Dusk House Kallyss, she was able to escape the Sundering. She returned to Ios and claimed the sword of the Winter Father Nyssor from the fallen Fane of Scyrah and is now going to use it to overcome the forces of Orgoth. She has also decided that old hatreds need to die and she will fight for Cygnar and harness their power for her own ends.

We now turn our attention to a traitor! Here we have Eilish Garrity, The Dark Traitor who can fight for either Cygnar or the forces of Orgoth.

Eilish Garrity The Dark Traitor - Warmachine

Eilish, Garrity The Dark Traitor // Warmachine

With his soul now given over to the Nonokrion Order, he is suffering a bit of (as Privateer Press puts it) "buyers remorse". He now acts as something of a double agent and has sworn fealty to the Fellgoeth Infernals and will serve Orgoth in their invasion of Immoren. As a double agent though, he maintains contact with the forces of Cygnar and occasionally fights alongside them to maintain the ruse that he isn't eternally damned. Playing both sides seems like a good way to come out on top.

Last but not least, we have a fan favourite in the form of Alexia, Queen Of The Damned.

Alexia Queen Of The Damned - Warmachine

Alexia, Queen Of The Damned // Warmachine

Fighting alongside Cygnar and Khador, Alexia uses her power over Witchfire to sow chaos on the battlefield. She has utterly dominated the blade and is the sole master of this demonic weapon making her a potent ally to have on side. Using such terrible evil against the evil of Orgoth, Alexia is ready to send the forces of Orgoth to their graves.

Are you tempted by these new Mercenaries for Warmachine?

"Privateer Press are building on the storylines for a lot of different characters that have existed in the Warmachine lore before, fighting for both good and evil..."

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